Shell FCU | Visa Purchase Alerts

Visa Purchase Alerts

Visa Purchase Alerts is a FREE service to help reduce fraud and monitor your spending in two easy steps!

  1. Click Here to register your mobile device and email to receive Visa Purchase Alerts
  2. Choose the notification triggers that match your needs

Purchase alert trigger options include when:

  • A purchase meets or exceeds a set amount
  • The card is used outside the United States
  • A purchase is made online or by phone
  • A credit transaction is being processed
  • A transaction has been declined

Alert information includes:

  • Merchant name and location (if available)
  • Amount of purchase
  • Last four digits of the VISA card used

To report suspicious activity or ask about specific transactions shown by Visa Purchase Alerts, please contact Shell FCU at (713) 844-1100.

Additional information can be found on the Visa Purchase Alerts website.