Protect Your Account!

DO NOT share personal information with unsolicited callers or texters claiming to be with Shell FCU. We will NEVER ask for your Digital Banking User ID or Password. If YOU initiate contact with us we may send you a one-time authentication code. If uncertain, hang up and call Shell FCU at (713) 844-1100. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!


2 Feb 2024

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3 Nov 2023

Urgent Message from Shell FCU CEO: Protect Your Account Security

Dear Valued Members of Shell Federal Credit Union,

I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones in good health and high spirits. It is with great urgency and concern that I reach out to you today. The security of your financial well-being and personal information is of utmost importance to us. Our commitment to serving and protecting your financial well-being is unwavering, and we need your immediate assistance in safeguarding your accounts from a relentless wave of fraudsters.

Our mission statement, our purpose, our very reason for existence is to serve our members through leadership, keeping our credit union strong, aggressive, and financially sound. Now, more than ever, every member plays a critical role in upholding this mission. The recent attacks on our members have reached an alarming level, and we stand together in facing this challenge.

Shell FCU members are currently being targeted and deceived by a ring of fraudsters who employ sophisticated tactics to extract your Digital Banking credentials, including your username, password, and one-time PINs via SMS text. These fraudsters are calling and texting members while spoofing our official (713) 844-1100 phone number, posing as credit union employees to make it harder to stop them. Do not respond to these texts or calls. Delete the text or hang up immediately. They are exploiting various channels, including branches, the call center, Digital Banking, Zelle and Mobile Deposit.

In the past few days, we have witnessed several members falling victim to Digital Banking compromises. These fraudsters, once they gain access to your account, collaborate with a second individual who visits a branch to open an account. They may deposit fictitious checks through mobile deposit to move funds into your account before transferring those funds, along with your existing funds, into the newly opened account. The new member may then use various means, such as debit cards with newly requested increased limits and cash withdrawals at a branch, to access the funds.

Here are some key steps to protect yourself:

NEVER Share Your Digital Banking Credentials: Shell FCU will NEVER ask for your Digital Banking User ID or Password. We may only send you a one-time authentication code if YOU initiate contact.

Be Wary of Unsolicited Requests: We will never request your login credentials for payment apps like Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, or similar services.

Avoid Disclosing Personal Information: Do not share your personal information with unsolicited callers or texters claiming to be Shell FCU. We will never do this. If in doubt, call your trusted Credit Union at (713) 844-1100. If you call us first the number cannot be spoofed and you know you will be talking to our service professionals.

Especially during the holiday season, scammers and identity thieves are on the prowl, capitalizing on the sense of urgency and scarcity that often accompanies online shopping. We must remain vigilant in protecting our accounts, passwords, and private information. Fraudsters will act with a sense of urgency to pressure you into providing the information they seek. This is part of their ploy and tactic to gain access to your accounts.

Our dedication to your security and well-being is unwavering. Please know that we are here to serve, protect, and assist you. If you ever have concerns or suspicions, do not hesitate to initiate a call to Shell FCU at (713) 844-1100. Together, we can combat these threats and ensure the safety of our members and the strength of our credit union.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Your trust and partnership mean the world to us. Let us stand united in the face of these challenges and emerge stronger than ever.


Jose Rodriguez


28 Jul 2023

Protecting Against Phone and Text Scams

Shell Federal Credit Union values the security and privacy of our members. Unfortunately, there has been a rise in impostors attempting to deceive individuals by posing as representatives of our institution through phone calls and text messages. Their primary aim is to illicitly obtain personal information, card details, or Digital Banking access. We take great pride in safeguarding your financial interests and ensuring that your personal information remains protected.

It is crucial to remain vigilant and exercise caution when receiving communication from unknown sources. Scammers may even spoof the Credit Union's phone number to appear legitimate, making it imperative to be cautious when sharing sensitive information. We want to emphasize that Shell FCU will NEVER request your User ID, Password, or any one-time-PINs required to log in to Digital Banking through phone calls or text messages. These credentials are private and should never be shared with anyone. If you receive any suspicious messages or communications from unknown senders, we strongly advise against responding to them.

Shell FCU may periodically send SMS alerts to confirm charges on your Shell FCU debit and credit cards. These authentic fraud alert texts will originate from the number 91937 and only request a Y or N reply. Rest assured that these alerts are part of our commitment to ensuring the security of your financial transactions. Should you receive such an SMS and have any concerns, please feel free to contact our main number for clarification and assistance. Your safety and peace of mind are of utmost importance to us.

In case of doubt or uncertainty about the identity of the person contacting you via text or phone, we recommend terminating the communication and contacting Shell FCU directly through our main number at (713) 844-1100. Our team will be pleased to assist you promptly and ensure your security.

For further guidance on recognizing and avoiding scams, we encourage you to explore the valuable resources available at the following links:

Recognizing and Avoiding Scams:

Scam Checker Coach:

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

22 Jun 2023

Avoiding Text Scams

Impostors will send text messages claiming to be from Shell FCU in attempt obtain your personal information, card details or Digital Banking access. Use extreme caution and do not reply to suspicious messages or any unknown senders. Shell FCU will occasionally reach out via SMS to confirm charges on your Shell FCU debit and credit card. Authentic fraud alert texts from Shell FCU will be sent from 91937 and only request a Y or N reply. As always, if you aren’t sure, call our main number at (713) 844-1100 and we would be happy to assist you.

Additional valuable resources:

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

8 Nov 2022

Scam Alert - Past Due Utility Bills

Attention Shell FCU Members!

Fraudsters continue to evolve scams associated with Mobile Payment Apps, such as Zelle, Venmo and Cash App, by introducing urgency to pay supposed delinquent utility bills to avoid service being discontinued. Beware of scammers calling or texting claiming to be from a utility company stating they did not receive payment and service will be turned off if payment is not sent immediately.

We suggest you disconnect the call and then call the verified utility company phone number or login to their website to verify your balance. If payment is due immediately, please make payment through the verified utility company website, their payment by phone or your financial institution’s Bill Payment. Funds sent through Mobile Payment Apps are non-refundable and should only be sent to verified recipients.

If you have any questions or if you are targeted by a scam like this, please report it to the FTC at